Cloud Arms - Summer Oil on paper 20x26 2001Night Song (diptych) Oil on paper 20x13 ea 2008 Cliff Walk Oil on paper 26x26 2004Remembering Taos III Monotype/pastel 16x12 1994A Day at the Beach II Oil on paper 25x40 2000River Story VIII Oil on paper 22x30 2001I Fiori II Monotype/pastel Each mounted on 12x16 board 1997/2011I Fiori Monotype/pastel Each mounted on 12x16 board 1997/2011Sea of Stars Oil on paper 15x26 1998The Time Before Monotype/pastel 12x16 1996The Time Before II Monotype/pastel 16x12 1996The Time Before III Monotype/pastel 12x16 1996Three Paths to the Lake at Midnight Oil on paper 22x30 2001Village Series: I Oil on paper 12x13 2002Village Series: VI Oil on paper 13x10 2007Village Series: X Oil on paper 15x22 2007Village Series: XI Oil on canvas paper 24x18 2007Writings on the Night Sky Oil on paper 20x26 2000Writings VI Oil on paper 15x26 2000Writings IV Oil on paper 22x15 2000